For us, innovation means to always be one step ahead. Through our brands and those of our partners we continuously bring something new in our consumer’s life. It is our goal to offer the consumer an extensive range of frozen and chilled products that support a healthy lifestyle. We promise to deliver superior quality, safe and trustworthy products.

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6 March 2017 An Extraordinary Pizza Deserves a Special Introduction

A fakir, a ballerina, a juggler and a samurai meet in a pizzeria. What comes out of this meeting? Pizza Edenia. More precisely: a series of 5 authentic pizza recipes prepared with mastery and stone baked.

17 October 2016 New From Philadelphia: Whipped Cream Cheese

Lightly whipped to create a fluffy, more delicate texture,

30 September 2016 La Lorraine Romania, The-State-Of-The Art Frozen Bakery Plant Launched Its Third Production Line

The official launch event of La Lorraine Romania’s third

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